Please support lupus and autoimmune disease awareness. Lady Gaga and I did!

For more information check out: http://www.lupuschick.com/-By Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana
"A special thank you to LupusChick writer and intern Maria Mongiardo and Lady Gaga for showing their love and support for all of those living with Lupus. Our amazing intern met Lady Gaga at her concert in Boston a few weeks ago and was able to go backstage to speak with the star for a little while. During her visit with Gaga, Maria told her about her work with Lupus patients, her internship at LupusChick, and her incredible website that devoted to Gaga (see it here at http://xxartpopxx.tumblr.com/).Before their time together ended, Maria asked Gaga for a special picture for our LupusChick family, holding up the famous “L” Lupus sign in support of everyone living with this disease. Above is the finale shot!
Thank you to both Maria and Lady Gaga for your continuous support of those men and women whose lives are affected by this cruel disease. “

Take me to your planet

Marina Abramović, Crystal Cinema I, 1990.
clear quartz, wooden stool.
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Lady Gaga sketch made it by a fan